11 Reasons to Equip Your Studio With a Laser Hair Treatment Studio Laser

11 Reasons to Equip Your Studio With a Laser Hair Treatment Studio Laser

As the Hair Loss industry struggles to overcome the economic slump, most Hair Loss studios are working overtime to retain their clients by offering their clients multiple hair loss treatments and therapies under one studio roof. Many Hair Loss studios are now offering everything from Hair Extensions to Hair Volumizing Hair Systems, Custom Lace Wigs to topical Hair Loss treatments as well as monthly nonsurgical Hair Systems programs and the list of treatments goes on.

Many studios, while trying to create the perfect treatment offering for their clients, are missing a large niche market among Hair Loss sufferers, by failing to offer what has become the “Hottest Trend in Hair Loss Treatment” : Laser Hair Therapy or as it has come to be known, Laser Hair Treatment.

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By offering an in-studio Laser Hair Treatment Studio Laser, studio owners are able to tap into a large market base in their regional areas. Typically, with an in-studio set up, Hair Loss practitioners install large studio lasers in a private room that require clients to visit the studio to sit under these studio lasers in recurring visits. Laser Hair Therapy is all the rage and there are good reasons:

o By investing in a Studio Laser – either by lease or purchase – Hair Loss studios appear progressive and cutting edge and is improves the image of studio by offering the most current solutions to treating Hair Loss.

o Hair Loss studio owners are now targeting an entirely new clientele; namely those who are adamant about not wearing a Hair System and those who would never consider surgical Hair Transplants. The Laser Hair Therapy grows and sustains a client’s own natural hair and does not require surgery or wearing hair.

o By establishing a personal Laser Hair Treatment plan for each client, studio owners can expect consistent and regular appointments as well as consistent monthly profit.

o Studio owners are able to more accurately monitor the regrowth of their Laser Hair Therapy client’s hair more consistently than if they were using a portable, hand-held laser at home.

o By offering and incorporating a Treatment program supplemented with a vitamin and topical treatment regimen that increases the effectiveness of the program, studio owners are increasing their monthly profit from each client.

o Most Hair Loss studios are also able to convent between 15 – 30% of their Laser Hair Therapy clients into other hair loss solutions, such as Hair Systems, for even more profit.

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